The war of A.R.t in the 2.5th Dimension

There is a world of light and colors that can’t be described by language.

The place between waking and sleeping, where ideas are born...

It’s always been there, but you can’t usually see it...

Welcome to the 2.5th dimension

Here you will unveil an access point for any 3D (3rd dimensional being like you) to enter this metaverse of Light. On entering this world, you will unveil the vast narrative journey that combines AR and AI technology.

NFT holders will be able to interact across multiple platforms with their personal Lightling in the real world.  They will engage in the ever expanding story of Light vs Ink, in the War of ARt.


We all have our own inner Lightling that has always been with us, existing alongside us, just half a dimension below, whispering, inspiring, wishing that we’d listen, but most of us don’t hear.

Many of us, as children, subconsciously ink the outline of our lightling. But it is only when the outline is filled with liquid moonlight that any lightling gains consciousness. In this moment, it will come to life imbued with the characteristics, personality and memories that it's creator intended.

the 5 orders

When a Lightling comes of age, they are initiated into one of 5 Orders of the Seraphim - Cloud, Moon, Star, Lightning or Rainbow, devoting themselves to the mastery of the creative skills and values of their Order.

In the Beginning...

When an early human first added markings to a cave wall in an act of artistic expression,  a divine spark of creativity was born, turning humans (3Ds) into gods. The primal spark left a residue of light that took on new form and consequently a new dimension was born - the 2.5th Dimension.

For centuries, artists and inventors, explorers, shamans and healers have been the light source of the 2.5, and in return the 2.5 has given inspiration to some renowned minds throughout history – from Tesla, and Da Vinci to Frida Kahlo, Ada Lovelace and Satoshi Nakamoto.

To visit the 2.5 is to experience a celebration of what humanity has achieved. Every new idea, whether small or enormous, results in a Lumin being born. The originality and impact of an idea gives shape to the Lumin’s form – the more unique the idea, the more unique the Lumin.The Particle Ink NFT collection will provide an opportunity for 3Ds to enter and play within the 2.5th dimension.

Join us in the 2.5th

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